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Sigil and Beyond

      Table of Contents

Home on the Planes

What's the Point?
   Gold and Glory
   Sense of Wonder
   Long-term Objectives
Philosophers with Clubs
   Building on the Faction Theme
Structuring the Campaign
   Getting Started
   1st- to 3rd-level Adventures
   4th- to 7th-level Adventures
   8th- to 10th-level Adventures
   11th-level Adventures and Beyond
Dealing With Problems
   The Size of the Multiverse
   The 'Feel' of the Campaign Setting
   Mega-monster Bashing

The Lay of 'the Land'

The Outlands: An Overview
   Tir na Og
   The Norns
   Sheela Peryroyl's Realm
   The Dwarven Mountain
   Semuanya's Bog
   Gzemnid and Ilsensine's Realm(s)
   The Palace of Judgment
   Tvashtri's Laboratory
   Thoth's Estate
   The Hidden Realm
   The Mausoleum of Chronepsis
   The Court of Light
Petitioners of the Outlands
   Role-playing Petitioners
Magic on the Outlands
   Rings Within the Ring
   Outlander Spell Keys
   Outlander Power Keys

Features of the Outlands

Unidentified Terrain
Nonplayer Character Abbreviations
The Caverns of Thought
The Court of Light
The Dwarven Mountain
The Palace of Judgment

Doorway to Sigil

Sigil's Portals
   Portal Types
   Gate Keys
The Realities of Impossibility
Describing Sigil
   Up and Down
   Day and Night
   Razorvine and Street Vermin
   Building Materials
Keeping the Peace
   The Lady of Pain
   The Mazes
   The Dabus
   The Code of Conduct
The Roles of the Factions in Sigil
   The Athar
   Believers of the Source
   The Bleak Cabal
   The Doomguard
   The Dustmen
   The Fated
   The Fraternity of Order
   The Free League
   The Harmonium
   The Mercykillers
   The Revolutionary League
   The Sign of One
   The Society of Sensation
   The Transcendent Order
   The Xaositects
Making and Spending Money
The Two Most Important People in Sigil
   Erin Darkflame Montgomery
   Duke Rowan Darkwood

Sigil Without a Guide

A Few Services of Sigil
   Sedan Chairs
   Harmonium Patrols
   Light Boys
Business Specifics
The Wards
   The Lady's Ward
   The Lower Ward
   The Hive Ward
   The Clerk's Ward
   The Guildhall and Market Wards
Campaign Quick-starts
   For the Price of a Rose
   Misplaced Spirit
New Spells
Knowing the Cant

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Table I: Outlander Effects on Magic by Ring
This book was written specifically for the Dungeon Master, inside, the incredible city of Sigil is described, as well as all the faction headquarters located within. The Outlands, the plane surrounding Sigil, is also explored, with all its realms and gates to the Great Ring beyond.
Lastly, quick-start adventures, new spells, and a glossary of unique planar slang give the DM all the information needed to run a campaign in the Planes.


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Sigil and Beyond