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A DM Guide to the Planes
Table of Contents


The Scope of the Planes
The Tone of the Planes
Magic and the Planes
Effects on Spells
   Native Sons
   Connected Planes
   Extra Dimensions
   Categorical Alterations
   Spell Keys
Priests and Their Gods
   Power Keys
Magical Items
   Magical Weapon and Armor
Traveling the Planes
Keeping Control
To and From the Prime
   Elemental Vortices
   Astral Conduits
The Great Road
The Ethereal Plane
The Astral Plane
The Inner Planes
General Conditions
The Plane of Air
The Plane of Earth
The Plane of Fire
The Plane of Water
The Paraelemental Plane of Smoke
The Paraelemental Plane of Magma
The Paraelemental Plane of Ooze
The Paraelemental Plane of Ice
The Quasielemental Plane of Lighting
The Quasielemental Plane of Radiance
The Quasielemental Plane of Mineral
The Quasielemental Plane of Steam
The Quasielemental Plane of Vacuum
The Quasielemental Plane of Ash
The Quasielemental Plane of Dust
The Quasielemental Plane of Salt
Positive Energy Plane
Negative Energy Plane
The Outer Planes - General
General Conditions and Features
   Layers and Realms
   Getting Around the Outer Planes
Magic on the Outer Planes
   Spell Crystals
Paths Within the Great Ring
   The Rive Oceanus
   The Rive Styx
   Yggdrasil, the World Ash
   Mount Olympus
Dealing With the Powers
Lady of Pain
The Blood War
The Outer Planes
The Abyss
The Beastlands
The Gray Waste
Mount Celestia

Table I: Spells With Planar Pathways
Table II: School Alterations by Plane
Table III: Spell School Equivalents of Magical Items

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A DM Guide to the Planes